Club Moving Casablanca

23, Allée des Cygnes, Hermitage
District Al Fida Mers SultanMaarif

Club Moving Casablanca is metahuman night club owned by Pasha the Knucklebreaker it is located in the district of Al Fida Mers SultanMaarif the building itself is plane looking well kept but all the style and decor are AR oriented, the matrix host is also impressive.

The club has no known corporate or organized crime relations yet still manage to operated as what seem to be independent

The club clientele is mid to high end with some special nights being more difficult to enter than others.

The club is built on 3 floors hosting different theme / clientele


Padri Moses reviewed Club Moving Casablanca — 3 star
September 25 at 2:38am ·
Nice place with good people
But Simo left so I m leaving too

Abdessamad Laazouzi reviewed Club Moving Casablanca — 3 star
May 27 ·
Merci à vous tous pour veiller sur notre santé mentale et physique.
Un spécial SALUT à Ba Abderahmane:)
On attend tjrs une 2eme salle sur Casablanca!

Mly Ahmed Soulimani reviewed Club Moving Casablanca — 4 star
September 28 at 9:41pm ·
C est beau
C est propre
C est un peu chère.


Club Moving Casablanca

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