Lone Star Security Services

Lone Star Security Services (or LSSS), headquartered in Austin, Texas, CAS, is one of the more prominent public security companies in North America. It has contracts of municipal policing from Corpus Christi to Seattle. Lone Star operates directly in the CAS and the UCAS. It holds 62% of all security contracts in the UCAS. The percentage is even higher in the CAS, due to its public relations image as a reincarnation of the Texas Rangers. The corporation also runs many prisons for the UCAS and CAS federal governments. A subsidiary of Lone Star, Gendarmerie, is Quebec’s main provider of law enforcement, border patrol, and customs. LSSS also deals with the private sector, providing Matrix, magical, or conventional security to corporations and individuals. It also has non-security concerns, such as selling insurance or research. In most parts of North America, Lone Star is thought to be synonymous with “the law”, “the cops”, or “the police”, even though it remains, at its heart, a corporation. The current CEO is Theodore W.D. Winslow.



Clayton Wilson formed Lone Star Security Services on July 22, 2017 from the merger of Bartholomew Security and Absolute Software. In 2020, Lone Star secured its first citywide contract with Corpus Christi, when the Corpus Christi Police Department went on strike. The strikers were fired and Lone Star was hired. When the Seattle Police Department went on strike in February 2023, Seattle Metroplex Governor Charles C. Lindstrom also made the decision to dissolve the Seattle PD and hire Lone Star. Lone Star achieved extraterritorial status on September 28, 2032. Due to Lone Star’s disregard for civil liberties, in 2035, Corpus Christi canceled its contract with Lone Star and hired the Houston Police Corporation. The symbolic loss of Lone Star’s first municipal contract caused a corporate shakeup. Clayton Wilson was replaced as CEO by his younger half-brother James Wilson when James had formed an alliance with board member Wendy Manderscheid. James Wilson was able to change corporate culture and inspire confidence enough that Corpus Christi switched back to Lone Star. James Wilson’s handpicked successor, Theodore W.D. Winslow, became the current CEO in 2051.

In late 2071, Lone Star suffered a substantial setback as it was stripped of its contract to provide security for the Seattle metroplex, due to an apparent inability to apprehend the Mayan Cutter, and several failures related to the spread of tempo.

Lone Star Security Services

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