Onslaught Brainstorm (OB1) is an AI prototype


Onslaught Brainstorm (OB1) is an AI prototype that was released by Wiseman OB1 he was one of the many attempts at recreating a version of Morgan/Deus/Megaera. Years after the matrix crash 2.0 and the PR recovery efforts Renraku took advantage of consulting for the newly incorporated Singapore to make a joint project to relaunch the AI efforts.

OB1 was specialized into data gathering processing logistics that can anticipate events based on data collected. He was to be used to anticipate corporate buyouts worldwide land grabs and some other undisclosed event predictions.

Putra Sukarno SVP for Renraku headed the Joint Venture Division based in Singapore his main role was to oversee and keep off books the OB project. Wiseman was the lead project manager for OB1 version when he took off after freeing OB1.



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