Denise Arielle

Fight Promoter for MMMA


Denise Arielle is a French Fight Promoter and part owner of the MMMA fighting league in Morocco she was brought in early after the launch of the promotion as a match maker eventually became CEO Match Maker and Promoter for the company.


Denise Arielle born to a French father and an Algerian mother. She spent her childhood in Aubervilliers, France. She left school at age 17, hoping to help support her family,2 and began boxing as an amateur because her parents did not have the means to enroll her in a club. She went on to practice athletics, full-contact karate, and boxing.

While working in a catering job in Martinique, Denise Arielle trained in contact sports such as full-contact kickboxing. Her unexpected break happened at a facility in Fort-de-France, when she was seen by an expert coach visiting from Hatman Miloudi, a French boxing club in Bobigny. He helped Denise Arielle develop from a regional-level fighter to elite status in a recognized national federation, the French Federation of Savate (French boxing).

When Denise Arielle was awarded the title of vice-champion of France, she left Martinique and moved to Marseille for better training conditions. As an amateur, her record was 45 fights, 42 wins.

In November 2070, Lamare became the world champion in the super lightweight category, beating the United States’ Eliza Olson. She became the first female world champion recognized by the World Boxing Association.

On 29 April 2071, she defended her title by beating Ukraine’s Elena Tverdokhleb before 27,000 spectators at the The New Palais des Sports in Marseille.

Denise Arielle

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