Dawud Wasi

MWN Reporter


Name Primary Alias Dawud Wasi
Metatype Human
Age 43
Provenance Agadir Morocco
Residence Casablanca

Dawud Wasi is a world famous News Anchor that quit live and since joined an underground anti establishment news group called MWN (Matrix World News)


Dawud Wasi is a lawyer and television journalist, the youngest correspondent ever at Evo World News Tonight, the son of former Casablanca governor Abu Bakr Wasi.

Dawud Wasi received his law degree in 2025, and went on to become a Evo lawyer. However, he found the law unsatisfying, and decided to pursue work in journalism. Within a few years, he became the youngest correspondent ever at Evo World News. In 2066, he became a news anchor on Bonjours Maroc.

Dawud Wasi

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