Colombano Taddeo

Colombano Taddeo is a capo of the Taddeo Family


Name Primary Alias Colombano Taddeo
Metatype Human
Age 48
Provenance Trapani
Residence Casablanca

Colombano Taddeo is a capo of the Taddeo Family in Sicily, the Taddeo Family has lineage in the old country going as far as the occupation of the Byzantine empire. Don Emilio Taddeo reside in Trapani Italy. The Taddeo family is one of the main players in Sicily their branch in Casablanca is well established and has been ran by Colombano for years now.

Colombano Taddeo operate gambling dens and fence high value stolen goods black market antiques and art work. They subcontract women / recreational drugs to the Junayd for their gambling dens in exchange for some referrals on high end requests from the Junayd fancy clientele


Colombano Taddeo, Colom, Colom the Cigar was born and raised in Trapani he is the nephew of Don Emilio and runs the Casablanca outfit as the capo.

Colom is a middle aged human with an old school thick shade early 1900s look,

Colombano Taddeo

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